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Structured Cabling

Cabling done right. As a backbone of all of our products and services, nearly every solution offers low voltage cable installation, whether it be wired or wireless, indoors or out, above ground or in ground. With an RCDD professional and BICSI certified designers on staff, we invest heavily in training our cabling technicians to ensure job completeness in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


--  CommScope SYSTIMAX Select Installation Partner

SYSTIMAX Design & Engineering (3321)

Best design practices and aspects of design specific to the large range of SYSTIMAX cabling products such as: GigaSPEED® UTP and FTP, VisiPatch™, modular copper and fiber terminated solutions, imVision® hardware. Design to both standards and extended SYSTIMAX standards are included together with testing and warranty requirements.

SYSTIMAX Installation and Maintenance (3361)

Covers installation, termination and testing practices specific to the complete SYSTIMAX solution to the warranty level, well beyond standards based performance levels. Upon completion, the course allows students to warranty SYSTIMAX sites for installation providing their company is an approved SYSTIMAX Partner.

--  Ortonics certified

Certification by Legrand addresses critical design and installation practices.  The training and educational curriculum is designed to ensure a robust network infrastructure is installed and verified.

A select group of contractors are trained and certified throughout North America and across the globe, providing a network of qualified voice, data and infrastructure management installation companies who all guarantee their workmanship.

--  BICSI 

BICSI is a global professional association that supports the information and communications technology (ICT) community. BICSI members and credential holders are the individuals that design, install and maintain ICT. BICSI serves more than 23,000 ICT professionals through training, publications, conferences and credentialing programs. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, BICSI membership spans nearly 100 countries.

--  RCDD

The Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) certification offered by Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is one of several engineering-oriented IT communications credentials from this design and implementation engineering-oriented organization.

*all cables tested with Fluke DTX

  • Network Cable - Ethernet - Twisted Pair
    • Category 5 - CAT5
    • Category 6 - CAT6
    • Category 6A - CAT6A
    • Category 7 - CAT7
    • Category 7A - CAT7A
    • Category 8/8.1 - CAT8/8.1
    • Category 8.2 - CAT8.2
    • ISP / OSP
    • Plenum / Non-Plenum


  • Fiber Optics
    • Single-Mode / Multi-Mode
    • Plenum / Non-Plenum
    • Fiber Splicing